Employment for Contractors, freelancers and Interims

Pendragon Consultancy is FCSA accredited and has a passion for the recruitment and umbrella employment industry.

We are both a consultancy business providing expert advice to Agencies and end clients on contractor engagement and the legislation, whilst also providing compliant employment to contractors, freelancers and interims. 

What do we offer

  • full employment rights from day one
  • every contractor gets a dedicated relationship advisor
  • agency support from a client relationship manager
  • fully transparent
  • compliance is at the heart of everything we do – FCSA accredited, Parliamentary review ‘best practice’ representative.
  • unrivalled service

Our highly skilled team at Pendragon has decades of experience in delivering consistently high standards of service and providing professional, tailored and compliant solutions.

Whether you’re an Agency looking for support by a trusted partner, or a contractor looking for a trusted employer, you’ve come to the right place.

Speak to one of our advisors now to see how simple and easy it is to join us.

Pendragon for Contractors

Employment rights and benefits for all Pendragon employees, providing simpler, fairer and safer solutions.


Pendragon for Agencies & End Users

We are dedicated to providing truly consultative and compliant Umbrella Employment solutions


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