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Pendragon Consultancy is both a Consultancy business providing expert advice to Agencies and End Clients on contractor engagement, employment and off-payroll  legislation, whilst also providing robust and compliant employment to contractors, and freelancers.

Outsourced flexible employment is what we really do well and whilst we do offer Umbrella PAYE as a solution it is one of the many offerings we have. We are the only professional employment company to achieve FCSA accreditation, ( the industry benchmark for compliance) within 15 weeks, an industry first!

Pendragon Consultancy is a preferred partner to many agencies, and has already achieved success, by being added to a growing number of Agency PSL’s  throughout the UK. What we hold dear are the seven core values of the way we do business.

  • Passionate about the industry we work in
  • Accountable for the actions we take
  • Diligent in our approach to compliance and legislation
  • Persistent as we don’t give up easily
  • Disciplined in our approach to customer service and processes
  • Flexible when it comes to serving the best interests of our employees and clients
  • Energetic and embody a fast paced service delivery

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