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Our Values

Pendragon Consultancy is a preferred partner to many agencies, and has already achieved success, by being added to a growing number of Agency PSL’s  throughout the UK. What we hold dear are the seven core values of the way we do business.

  • Passionate about the industry we work in
  • Accountable for the actions we take
  • Diligent in our approach to compliance and legislation
  • Persistent as we don’t give up easily
  • Disciplined in our approach to customer service and processes
  • Flexible when it comes to serving the best interests of our employees and clients
  • Energetic and embody a fast paced service delivery

Pendragon’s Six Key Principles

We believe that one of the primary duties of an Umbrella employer is to offer the right type of employment solutions to their flexible workforce, and since paying people is intricately connected to status, tax and legal regulations, understanding how to achieve and observe ongoing compliance is of the utmost importance to us.

Requirements differ depending on the roles undertaken,  and as we work across both the  Public and Private sector our expertise and experience enables our team which are highly skilled in navigating these challenges;  to ensure that our clients are fully compliant,  and protected from costly mistakes.

Pendragon Consultancy works to the six key principles below

Having the appropriate professional expertise within the team is extremely important. With decades of collective experience, Pendragon Consultancy understands the unique needs and challenges Agencies and hirers face and can work with them to provide the most appropriate solution.

The legislation is not simple for employees or our clients and that’s where our skills in making complicated messages simple can help. For employees the complexities of the payroll process can make it quite confusing, whether they are new to contracting or career professionals. Our dedicated advisors interact with people at every level and our expertise means we can explain everything clearly.

When legislation changes affect your contractors, Pendragon Consultancy are on hand to provide sound advice to Agencies and End Clients. Our in-depth knowledge of the legislation means we can communicate and interpret the message clearly to show how your business maybe impacted.

Employment and Payroll involves a lot of moving parts and by necessity, an element of human unpredictability. As an Umbrella employer, we are flexible enough to maintain a high standard of compliance, whilst remaining sufficiently agile to respond to the changing needs of our clients and their flexible workforce.

At Pendragon Consultancy we take our responsibility seriously, not just to individual clients, but to organisations as a whole. We are trusted and reliable partners whether our client is an Agency, a Small Business with just a few employees or a larger Agency with thousands of contractors. You can rely on us to deliver accurately, on time, within the agreed SLAs/ KPIs and with compliance in mind.

We have technical expertise in-house, but also rely on our trusted partners to provide the very best dedicated payroll software and CRM platforms. Sage and Zoho are global brands and their systems provide the stability and flexibility  for us to develop bespoke solutions for our clients.

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What We Offer

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Legislative expertise

We’re fully compliant with the latest HMRC legislation, from Onshore Employment Intermediaries reporting to Expenses reforms, Employment status and much, much more.
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Daily payments

Multiple daily payroll runs, five days per week, we ensure your contractors are paid accurately and on time.
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Unrivalled service

Our dedicated Client Relationship Advisors are available to support you Monday to Friday from 9am – 5.30pm
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Onshore Intermediaries reporting

We remove the burden of record-keeping and reporting requirements linked to the Onshore Employment Intermediaries legislation.
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Compliance Services

We believe that one of the primary duties of an Umbrella employment company is to ensure the service we deliver adheres to the myriad of HMRC compliance requirements.

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