Are you an NHS professional ?

Pendragon Consultancy responded to an urgent request to the COVID-19 crisis. We committed to supporting our NHS clients which include the largest recruitment agencies in the UK and Ireland.

As Agency teams worked tirelessly to place the much need help and support into the NHS Trusts, Pendragon supported the Agencies, by freeing up their time by on-boarding the increased number of flexible workers, providing employment and letting them focus on deployment.

Why Pendragon Consultancy?

Pendragon are uniquely placed to provide support as compliance and employment specialists in off-payroll consultancy services.

  • Dedicated team of experts with decades of experience in supporting recruitment agencies in the healthcare sector
  • First class customer service
  • Robust compliance, employment checks, and assessment processes

If you’re working for an Agency that isn’t using Pendragon and you would like to sign up with us, please get in touch

Please call  01992 267 067 to speak to one of our expert advisors.